How to help evangelize the world using the Internet


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Demo site



What to do with your site once you have it:

Submit it to as many search engines and Internet Direcories as you can find. Here is a suggested list for where to begin:


Open Directory Project Christian Personal pages

Christian Search Engines Manual Submitter



Join the Yahoo! Member Directory for online chat


Find International search engines/directories and submit there. Look for the “submit site” or “add site” submission button on these sites (Some sites in these listing may want fees, but there are plenty that are FREE):

Big Search Engine Index


International Search Engines

Search Engine Links





Etc, etc.

Join chat rooms and list your site as a link to visit after the subject comes up

Be creative! The possibilities are endless.


Some suggestions for Domain names (still available as of 2-12-04)


Etc, etc…you get the idea…


Check domain name availability here. Use your imagination!