Acapella Singing


As a result of the distinctive plea of the church - a return to New Testament Faith and practice - a' cappella singing is the only music used in the worship. This singing, unaccompanied by mechanical instruments of music, conforms to the music used in the apostolic church and for several centuries thereafter (Ephesians 5:19).  It is felt that there is no authority for engaging in acts of worship not found in the New Testament. This principle eliminates the use of instrumental music, along with the use of candles, incense, and other similar elements.


Listen to some sample songs

We only wish our singing was as good as these professionally recorded singers, but at least this will give us something to aim for!


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The Greatest Commands                                                                         You Are My Hiding Place


Jesus, Let Us Come To Know You                                                       We Shall Assemble


Oh, How He Loves You and Me                                                              There Is A Redeemer


We Are The Reason                                                                                   Thy Word


You Are My All In All                                                                                   Kum Ba Yah 


On Bended Knee                                                                                        Until That Final Day


My Eyes Are Dry                                                                                         Let The Redeemed


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Sung by Jeff Nelson & Covenant